Transformational and empowerment life & business coaching for Women CEOs, Coaches, and Speakers driven by their divine calling to create a meaningful impact with purpose.

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A comprehensive roadmap for coaches seeking to establish a premium brand and empowerment coaching company, achieving a substantial six-figure income.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the weight of your calling, desire for the proper guidance and direction so you can operate more effectively?

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You believe there is more for you, and you’re ready to position yourself as a full-time CEO, create financial freedom & take control of your time, but you’re unsure where to start.

You believe that you can create consistent, predictable cash flow, and increase your revenue, but you lack the strategies and systems for sales and ongoing enrollment. 

trust me, i get it.

There’s no doubt you understand your mission's bigger picture and recognize its fine details. But you’ve constantly felt overwhelmed with how to arrive at your destination without compromising who you’re called to be. 

Time and time again, you’ve seen others fully walking in their purpose and feel the burden knowing you’re called, too, but struggle to navigate the journey and show up in your own unique way. You may have even begun cultivating your calling into a business that serves others. But what started as an ignited passion quickly burnt out as you missed the mark on how to lead with the right resources, tools, and support.

Are you ready to align your purpose with a plan that positions you to act now?

It’s My Time to Rise

Our Programs are intentionally built for the purpose & mission-driven women ready for alignment in their lives, finances, and influence while establishing a business surrounding their calling with confidence, faith, and abundance.


For a moment, envision your life on the other side of your ‘yes’ to join the kind It’s My Time to Rise Community…

What if you will find yourself in an effortless flow that allows you to run a professional business while serving and coaching the right people who truly resonate with what you have to offer. No longer will you feel undervalued and underpaid; instead, you will experience fulfillment and abundance in your business.

With confidence and clarity, you have proudly built more than a fly-by-night coaching business but a legacy-bound source that catapults and inspires others to transform their lives.

Regardless of how others feel or what they think, you believe and remain steadfast in seeing the promise in your purpose and the provision that is rightfully yours to accomplish what’s ahead of you. 

You have constant support from like-minded women operating in their calling and empowering you to do the same.


Dominique Peska-Howell 

"During the program I received Clarity & Confidence to pursue my purpose Foundational principles, tools, and resources to build my business. As a result, I have written 3 books, and working on my 4th. I have been able to streamline my purpose & my passions. I have created my own programs, products, services, and speaking opportunities & I have earned the investment spent over and
over again."

Denise Johnson 
CEO of DSJ Designed LLC

"Within the 90 days coaching program it was a safe, yet challenging coaching environment while always taking the time to stay current and focused on the specifics of my role and how I could improve. Coach Sheya was insightful and able to analyze the key issues by listening to what was being said, as well as unsaid, and asking penetrating questions. As a result, I have been able to pinpoint areas for change, think through different approaches, then focus and implement action. I was able to sale out my signature program within 30days!"

Natasha Miller
Natasha Miller & Associates, LLC

"Coach Sheya is awesome!!! I have only been working with Coach Sheya for two months and I have been able to triple my income!!! Sheya showed me how to have my signature talk that speaks to my main niche. I gave my signature talk twice a month for 1 hour and in 2 months I was able to exceed my goal and fill my class!" 

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Hello Women CEOs, Speakers & Coaches:

As a full-time entrepreneur, coach, and speaker for 14 years, I have dedicated myself to assisting incredible women in shifting their mindset from employees to successful entrepreneurs, enabling them to create a sustainable income. I understand your challenges in establishing a profitable coaching business and seeking a supportive and encouraging community that aligns with God's plan for your life and business. I believe that we, as Women CEOs, can reach our goals without losing our souls and be successful in our business without compromising God's design for our lives.

That's why I created a community to birth your dreams, get the tools & resources to build a profitable & thriving coaching business, grow spiritually, and build a relationship with God. My team and I have worked with over 150 women leaders in the coaching and leadership school, helping them launch profitable life coaching businesses.

Through our book compilation/anthology projects, we have published over 250 first-time authors, and 100 life coaches have received their Certifications. Embrace a life-changing transformation by becoming part of this empowering community! Step towards your next level and seize this moment to rise and shine! Join us TODAY and see the significant positive changes in your life and your business!

Are you prepared to harmonize your purpose with a well-crafted and effective plan that empowers you to take immediate action?

We ready, are you?