Calling forth and raising bold Women Christian CEOs through premium empowered coaching & leadership.

The Mission:

To empower women who have been chosen & called to impact, influence & do transformational work with others to build multiple six-figure Global brands and premium empowerment coaching companies.

The Mission:

But the lack of clarity, a clear blueprint for showing up and serving, and intentional support have caused you to doubt and downplay it.

“I’ve come to know what I’m called to do on this earth, but the overwhelm of where to start and even trying to “catch up” as I watch others move forward easily is intimidating. How can I get the strategy to help me connect to my unique influence and stand out?”

“I’ve taken the leap of faith and said ‘yes’ to my calling but it still doesn't seem enough when I feel the burden of balancing it all: family, finances, and myself, all while remaining determined. How can I confidently get the support I need to move forward?”

“I’ve already invested so much into what I thought was my calling not to see the fruit bear, and some doors still shut where I’m left discouraged, doubtful, and stuck. So how can I know Sheya’s strategies and leadership will work for me?”

Here's where I come in...

Sheya Atterberry-Chisenga is the wife of Terry Matikili Chisenga of 14 years, mother to Rose & Marjorie Kasuba-Chisenga. Sheya is a transformational speaker, empowerment business coach & mentor teaching women to create financial freedom by doing with they love, are called & chosen to do in the world. She is the founder of the global empowerment, faith & purpose-driven brand, The Woman Christian CEO®️. Sheya's entrepreneurial journey began in 2004 through a direct sales company that led her to become a Certified Master Life Coach in 2009 from Dream Mentors International.

In January 2010, Sheya launched her first coaching practice. But she failed miserably after many dead-end investments and buying business products trying to learn how to build a business. Finally, after relentless tries, in August 2012, she was forced to return to work as an entry-level bank teller earning $13.00 per hour.

"I was discouraged and depressed, but my calling would not allow me to give up. So I took this time to start from scratch. I worked to gain clarity on the women God called me to serve and what solutions I provided in the marketplace."

In September 2013, she leaped out on faith, officially retiring from Corporate America and re-launched her full-time coaching business, attracting her ideal clients. They were ready and willing to invest in themselves.

In March 2016, she and her business partner opened the doors of the Women Entrepreneurial Center for professional businesswomen. Within their organization, they have published over 150 new authors through our book anthologies, certified 100 life coaches, and have worked with over 150 women entrepreneurs, helping them launch profitable life coaching businesses.

In 2017 she graduated with her bachelor's degree in Christian Studies from Grand Canyon University. She also became an ordained licensed Missionary-Evangelist through the Church of God In Christ, Inc.

Sheya can teach women how to take their God-given vision and create the life He has for them. She leads by building a purpose-driven coaching company, using their gifts to glorify God, and building multiple six-figure Global brands and premium empowerment coaching companies.

Hello there, i'm Sheya.

- Coach Sheya 

Watch Coach Sheya share the highlights, the joys, and the failures of living out her God-given purpose. "What I know for sure is that I BUILD BRIDGES. God has given me the ability to take you from where you are to where you desire to be."

The Making of Entrepreneur

Sheya Chisenga


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Our Signature Five Pillars

The ‘what & how’ to building a successful business

Prayer is the greatest and most important business strategy because it guides your hand and stills your soul. 

Pillar One: Prayer:

There is transformation work that will impact how you see yourself. And knowing your identity is crucial for walking in your purpose and building a profitable business.

Pillar Two:  INNER WORK:

Your brand is the image that pops into people’s heads when they hear your name. Establishing a clear and unique program will set you apart from others. Understand what you offer and who you’re called to serve. 

Pillar Three: Signature Program

You must have systems in place to operate like a well-oiled machine. Your business model helps your clients, income, and scale consistently to the next level. 


The key to longevity in your business is your community & tribe, and it creates a legacy. Your business is not just about making money but also about changing lives. 

Pillar FIVE: Building Your Community & Tribe: