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Our program, RISE: The Empowered Inner Circle, a dynamic faith-based empowerment coaching community exclusively for women.

Our mission is to empower women to fulfill their divine calling and make a meaningful impact in their lives and businesses.

It’s time you activate your calling and align with your purpose so you can generate real income and drive impact to your people

No matter how clear or confident you may be in your God-given calling if the missing pieces to building a profitable coaching business are strategy and support, you open yourself up to missing the mark every time.

It seems somewhere along the way, the lines became a bit blurred when it came to what you were called to do in your life and in the lives of others while looking at everyone else. The bondage of fear and failure may have kept you stuck and doubtful, or the lack of belief that you were chosen on purpose, with a purpose to impact lives on a global scale, has made you minimize your mission.

But here’s the thing...

I’m here to remind you that God was so intentional concerning you and what you were put here to do. Your calling is the key to unlocking someone else’s.

“Under Master Coach Sheya’s mentorship and coaching, I’ve not only refined my leadership skills but also learned to align my business strategies with my core values. Her personalized approach to coaching ensured that I received tailored advice and actionable strategies that directly addressed my business’s needs. With her encouragement, I’ve stepped out of my zone of safety, taken calculated risks, and expanded my business in ways that have exceeded my wildest expectations."

What Our Clients Have to Say About

Our Community

At RISE: The Empowered Inner Circle, we provide transformative coaching and speaking services tailored to guide women in leading, profiting, and creating lasting change. Our community is a supportive space where women of faith come together to build purpose-driven and profitable businesses while staying true to their spiritual beliefs.

Join us and embark on a journey of growth, empowerment, and spiritual fulfillment as you step into your calling and make a difference in the world.

  • Are you a Christian businesswoman who believes your business is a God-given assignment?
  • Do you want to achieve consistent growth in your business revenue while staying true to your faith?
  • Are you looking to enhance your leadership skills and make a significant impact within your industry and community?
  • Are you aiming to build a network of like-minded Christian businesswomen for collaboration and mutual support?
  • Do you desire to create a balanced business strategy that aligns with your divine purpose and personal values?

just for you!

The Empowered Inner Circle

- Coach Megan Eiland

"Because of the strategy and plan of action taught in this course I was able to make over $6000 the first month of implementing my sales offer! Proven strategy, it works!"

What Our Clients Have to Say About

working with us:

“Under Coach Sheya’s leadership I have self- published two books of my own, participated in two book collaborations, and in October 2023 I will release my very own book collaboration Keys2Victroy Presents: Freedom to Blaze Your Trail Vol 1 Level UP Edition. I have also coached over 35 women through my programs. Coach Sheya is a phenomenal life coach and allows you to have the freedom to build wealth and legacy.” 

 It is for committed Christian businesswomen—savvy, forward-thinking professionals ready to do the work and turn their passion into profit.

Prayer is the greatest and most important business strategy because it guides your hand and stills your soul. 

Pillar One: Prayer:

There is transformation work that will impact how you see yourself. And knowing your identity is crucial for walking in your purpose and building a profitable business.

Pillar Two:  INNER WORK:

Your brand is the image that pops into people’s heads when they hear your name. Establishing a clear and unique program will set you apart from others. Understand what you offer and who you’re called to serve. 

Pillar Three: Signature Program

You must have systems in place to operate like a well-oiled machine. Your business model helps your clients, income, and scale consistently to the next level. 


The key to longevity in your business is your community & tribe, and it creates a legacy. Your business is not just about making money but also about changing lives. 

Pillar FIVE: Building Your Community & Tribe:

The ‘what & how’ to building a purpose driven successful business.

Our Signature Five Pillars

Inside RISE: The Empowered Inner Circle, we focus on 

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Are you ready to take your business and faith to the next level?

Join RISE: The Empowered Inner Circle for Christian Women in Business at Level One and start your journey toward empowered, faith-driven success.

Who Should JoiN 
RISE: Level 1?

  • Entrepreneurs or business owners looking to grow their business.
  • Professionals seeking to integrate their faith with their work.
  • Aspiring leaders wanting to make a positive impact in their industry.
  • Individuals desiring a supportive and faith-filled community

Monthly Masterclasses: Learn from industry experts on topics ranging from business strategy and marketing to personal development and spiritual growth. Each masterclass is designed to equip you with practical tools and insights to elevate your business.

Faith-Based Business Coaching: Receive guidance and mentorship from experienced Christian businesswomen who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of integrating faith with entrepreneurship. Our coaching sessions will help you stay aligned with your values while achieving your business goals.

Exclusive Community Access: Connect with other Christian women in business through our private online forum. Share experiences, ask for advice, and celebrate each other's successes in a safe and supportive environment.

Prayer and Encouragement: At RISE, we believe in the power of prayer. As a member, you’ll have access to regular prayer meetings and a dedicated prayer team ready to support you through the ups and downs of your business journey.

Bible Study Sessions: Join our monthly Bible study sessions where we explore Scripture together, discussing how biblical principles can be applied to your business and personal life. These sessions are designed to deepen your faith and provide spiritual nourishment.

Resource Library: Gain access to a curated collection of resources, including e-books, templates, and checklists that will help streamline your business processes and boost your productivity.

Accountability Partner Program: Partner with another member to keep each other motivated and accountable. This program is designed to help you stay on track with your goals and provide mutual support.

  • Faith-Driven Success: Grow your business while staying true to your Christian values.
  • Community Support: Join a network of women who understand your journey and are here to support you.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Access resources and coaching that cater to both your spiritual and business needs.

Why Join RISE: Level 1?

Are you a Christian woman in business looking for a supportive community to help you thrive both professionally and spiritually? RISE: The Empowered Inner Circle is designed just for you!

Level One Membership is the perfect starting point for women who are ready to grow their business, deepen their faith, and build meaningful connections with like-minded entrepreneurs.

What You’ll Get with Level One Membership

Level One

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Are you ready to step into your calling, transform lives, and build a thriving coaching business?

Join RISE: The Empowered Inner Circle Level Two and embark on a transformative journey toward empowered, purpose-driven success.

Who Should Join
RISE: Level 2?

  • Become a certified life coach, upgrade your coaching skills, and revamp or launch your coaching business.
  • Seek holistic support for both their professional and spiritual growth.
  • Desire to connect with a community of like-minded women for encouragement, accountability, and collaboration.

Monthly Masterclasses: Gain valuable insights and strategies for both business and spiritual growth through our monthly masterclasses led by industry experts and seasoned coaches.

Faith-Based Business Coaching: Receive personalized guidance and support from experienced Christian businesswomen who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of blending faith with entrepreneurship.

Exclusive Community Access: Connect with a diverse and supportive community of like-minded women in our private online forum. Share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate victories together in a safe and encouraging environment.

Prayer and Encouragement:  Experience the power of prayer and fellowship in our regular prayer meetings and through our dedicated prayer team. Whether you’re facing challenges or celebrating successes, our community is here to uplift and support you.

Bible Study Sessions: Deepen your understanding of Scripture and its relevance to your business and personal life in our monthly Bible study sessions. Explore how biblical principles can guide your decisions and actions as an entrepreneur.

Resource Library: Access a wealth of resources, including e-books, templates, and tools curated to help you streamline your business processes and maximize your productivity.

Accountability Partner Program: Stay motivated and on track with our accountability partner program. Pair up with another member to set and achieve goals, providing mutual support and encouragement along the way.

Launch Your Life Coaching Business Training: Become a Certified Life Coach and launch your coaching business with confidence through our comprehensive training program. Here's what the certification includes:

  • Comprehensive Training: Receive in-depth training and certification to become a confident and effective life coach.
  • Holistic Support: Benefit from a blend of business coaching, spiritual guidance, and community support tailored to Christian women entrepreneurs.
  • Impact and Income: Learn how to build a profitable coaching business while making a meaningful difference in the lives of others, all within a faith-filled environment.

Why Join RISE: Level 2?

Are you a Christian woman in business ready to unlock your full potential, deepen your faith, and make a lasting impact through coaching? RISE: The Empowered Inner Circle Level Two is designed for ambitious women like you who are ready to step into their calling with confidence and purpose.

Level Two Membership offers everything in Level One, plus an exclusive opportunity to become a Certified Life Empowerment Coach through our comprehensive training program.

What You’ll Get with Level Two Membership:

Level Two

  • Communication & Questioning Skills: Master effective communication techniques and powerful questioning strategies to better serve your clients.
  • Create the GROW Model for Your Clients: Learn how to guide your clients through the GROW model, a proven framework for goal setting and problem-solving.
  • Identify Your Ideal Clients: Define your niche and identify the specific group of people you are called to serve.
  • Create Your Signature Program: Develop a unique coaching program that reflects your expertise and resonates with your ideal clients.
  • Create Coaching Business Model & Structure: Design the structure and framework of your coaching business to ensure sustainability and success.
  • Creating Your Revenue Streams: Explore various revenue streams and learn how to diversify your income as a coach.
  • How to Price Your Services: Determine the value of your coaching services and set prices that reflect your expertise and deliverables.
  • Using LIVE Events to Build Your Community: Harness the power of live events to connect with your audience, build your community, and attract clients.
  • Certification of Life Coaching & Completion of Course: Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive your certification of life coaching and a completion certificate. This program is worth seven continuing education credits.

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 Book a FREE Call with Coach Sheya learn if this is the right community for you.

This sacred community is reserved for women who:

  • Feel called to pursue financial freedom and cultivate a prosperous business, aligning their work with their God-given passions and talents.
  • Are willing to embrace a shift in mindset, turning away from the chaos of busyness to prioritize their lives and businesses in accordance with God's will.
  • Are steadfast in their determination to conquer self-imposed barriers, trusting in God's strength to overcome obstacles and clear their path to success.
  • Have made a commitment to take charge of their lives, guided by purpose and intentionality, seeking alignment with God's plan for their journey.
  • Long to experience liberation from the turmoil of disorder, striving for a harmonious and well-ordered lifestyle that reflects the peace and balance found in Christ.


  • A Zoom face-to-face monthly empowerment personal development & business coaching & accountability session with Coach Sheya monthly (valued at $1000) 
  • End of Your Strategy Planning Workshop (valued at $$500)
  • Annual 1-Day Business Retreat (valued at $1000) 
  • Guest Experts who will be teaching how to run your business as a CEO (i.e., Accounting, QuickBooks, etc.) (value $500)
  • Virtual Business Resources Center, including training, recorded previous live events, and informational guides & workbooks. (value $2200)
  • Private Members Group - Special community forum on Facebook for active networking and connections with success-focused members. $100
  • Attend Live Summits & Enroll in our courses 40% Off.
  • Attend Live Destination Mastermind & Retreat (Cruise) 50% Off
  • Quarterly Sunday evening prayer calls.
  • Quarterly Bible Studies. 
(Total Value $5300.00)

Curriculum includes:

RISE: The Empowered Inner Circle, Provides:

Personalized Coaching and Mentorship: Inner Circle members benefit from tailored coaching and mentorship by industry experts and successful leaders. This one-on-one guidance helps you overcome challenges, set strategic goals, and enhance your leadership, coaching, or public speaking skills. The support is customized to your needs, offering valuable insights and accountability.

Ongoing Support and Accountability: The Inner Circle ensures your continuous growth and success through ongoing support and accountability. This includes regular check-ins, group coaching sessions, and accountability partnerships within the community. These mechanisms help you stay focused, motivated, and on track to achieve your goals.

A Community That Understands You: Become part of a tribe that truly gets you!
Joining our program gives you access to amazing community bonuses throughout your participation. These benefits will save you money, build your network, promote your events, expand your knowledge, and ensure your success.

Joining our program gives you access to amazing community bonuses throughout your participation. These benefits will save you money, build your network, promote your events, expand your knowledge, and ensure your success.

The Empowered Inner Circle

Join RISE: The Empowered Inner Circle and gain instant access to resources, tools, and guidance to elevate you to your next level of success. You can build your network, promote events, expand learning, and ensure growth.

Benefits & Bonuses Include: Beautiful Welcome Package includes Coach Sheya New Book 
RISE: 5 Steps to Building a Purpose Driven & Profitable Life Coaching Business & 40 Days of Prayers Embracing Surrender Success. Value $100 

Exclusive Client Benefits and Bonuses

Be a Keynote Speaker at our Virtual Summits (Value at $397.00)


Attend LIVE in Person Empowerment Brunch & Summit with Coach Sheya Chisenga in 2024 (Value at $197)


Access to our attendee-only Facebook group where you can connect with your new Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Speakers before, during and after the training. (Value $1297)


JOIN RISE: The Empowered Inner Circle, TODAY!

Why attend the RISE: The Empowered Community Retreat? 

Clarity and Reflection: Stepping away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life provides a chance to reflect on your goals, aspirations, and challenges. It allows you to return with a fresh mindset and increased productivity. This clarity can help you gain a fresh perspective, rejuvenate, and re-energize and prepare for what lies ahead.

Personal Growth: Our retreat includes workshops and sessions on personal development. These can help you identify areas for improvement, boost your self-awareness, and develop new skills.

Reconnecting with Yourself: Amidst busy schedules, we sometimes lose touch with our own desires and needs. Attending the retreat will allow you to reconnect with your inner self and realign with what truly matters to you.

Networking and Community Building: The retreats attract diverse attendees from various backgrounds. This provides an excellent opportunity to network, build connections, and collaborate with others. Interacting with like-minded individuals and hearing their stories will be incredibly inspiring. The shared experiences and support from fellow attendees can motivate you to take positive steps in your life and career.

Wellness and Self-Care: At the retreat, there will be opportunities for spa treatments, healthy meals, and fitness activities. Taking care of your body and mind is essential for overall well-being.

RISE: The Empowered Community Luxury Retreat


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Day Cruise