This community-based academy was designed to position you for divine alignment and increase in your impact, influence, and income.

It’s time you activate your calling and align with your purpose so you can generate real income and drive impact to your people


No matter how clear or confident you may be in your God-given calling if the missing pieces to building a profitable coaching business are strategy and support, you open yourself up to missing the mark every time.

It seems somewhere along the way, the lines became a bit blurred when it came to what you were called to do in your life and in the lives of others while looking at everyone else. The bondage of fear and failure may have kept you stuck and doubtful, or the lack of belief that you were chosen on purpose, with a purpose to impact lives on a global scale, has made you minimize your mission.

But here’s the thing...

I’m here to remind you that God was so intentional concerning you and what you were put here to do. Your calling is the key to unlocking someone else’s.


She Leads She Profits Academy 

She Leads She Profits is a personal and business development program specifically designed for women entrepreneurs. The program offers a comprehensive approach to building a successful business, including marketing, sales, and leadership strategies. The program's focus is to help women entrepreneurs create profitable and sustainable businesses so they can say goodbye to the 9-5, take back their schedule, and create financial freedom, all while also addressing the unique challenges and opportunities women face in the business world.

- Coach Megan Eiland

"Because of the strategy and plan of action taught in this course I was able to make over $6000 the first month of implementing my sales offer! Proven strategy, it works!"

What Our Clients Have to Say About

working with us:

Count me in!

Inside the academy, you will learn how to…

 Shift Your Mindset: Aligning Your Life & Business with Purpose.

Create a Six-Figure + (plus) business model for you to build community & create consistent income.

Use SPEAKING & LIVE events in person or virtually as a lead magnet and enrollment strategy to grow your clientele.

Upgrading Your Signature Program & Pricing.

Use videos & social media to build credibility, visibility & influence to build your brand.

Set up & frame your back office with the right tools & resources to create the system of your operations.

Repurpose your content to create additional streams of income.

  • Week One: Set Yourself up to Thrive at Sales Part One: Signature Program
  • Week Two: Set Yourself Up to Thrive at Sales Part Two: Creating Your Money Map
  • Week Three: How to Have Successful Sales Conversations Every Time Part 1
  • Week Four:  How to Have Success Sales Conversations Every time Part 2
  • Week Five: Systems That Consistently Cultivate Massive Sales
  • Week Six: Cultivate Champions to Gain More Great Clients
  • Week Seven: Mastering the Being Side of Selling.
  • Week Eight: Effective Lead Generation
  • Week Nine: Knock out Sales Plateaus and Grow Your Revenue
  • Week Ten: Insights to Have Your Revenue on a Steady Climb.

During your Our time together you will experience:

  • More confidence in your sales and your ability to bring on new clients.
  • Increase your sales productivity to get more sales done in less time.
  • Significantly raise your sales closing ratio for more clients with fewer conversations.
  • Upgrade your sales conversation process for more authentic selling, resulting in more sales.
  • Put together your sales success schedule that will program your effectiveness significantly.
  • Practice your sales calls with other group members to continue to master how to be on a sales call.
  • Be more focused on selling than you have before, resulting in greater sales.

During Our LIVE Virtual Training you will receive:

  • Live Biweekly Coaching & Mentorship with Coach Sheya Virtual LIVE Sessions. (Value at $6000)
  • $1000 a Day Sales Challenges.
  • Online Support in She Leads She Profit Sales Mastery Academy Facebook Group.
  • Worksheets, Cash Calculator, Templates that walks your through step by step to increase your sales.
  • Recording to each training session and all modules in our online portal.
  • Receive a certificate of completion

She Leads She Profits Academy Curriculum:


You are a Coach, Speaker and Consultants.

You are ready to step into your next level of your life & business. 

You are ready to own your authority as a leader in your life and business.

You are ready to work with ideals clients who are serious about their goals and desires.

You are ready to create financial freedom and build legacy.

You are ready to invest your time and money in your next level, minus the fear and doubt.

You are committed to doing the work that it takes to build a profitable business.

You are READY to align your life to what you have been called and chosen to do!

The academy is perfect for you if…

What you get on the inside...

Biweekly Coaching & Mentorship Virtual LIVE Session learning new and effective ways to serve your clients better

Creating your custom business model that includes pricing, packages, and marketing your services

Online support in the “She Leads She Profits Academy” private Facebook group.

Access to the She Leads She Profits online academy portal
The She Leads She Profits guide and worksheets that walk you through step-by-step of  increase your sales.

Access to all templates, including contracts, and agreements, to set up your business properly

Certification of Completion of Course. 


Exclusive Client Benefits:

Join the She Leads She Profits Academy and gain instant access to resources, tools, and guidance to elevate you to your next level of success. You can build your network, promote events, expand learning, and ensure growth.

Benefits Include:
  • Beautiful Welcome Package includes 12 Month Goal Planner and much more. Value $297
  • Attending 1 Day In Person LIVE She Leads She Profit Experience. Value $297

just for you!


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You don’t need a long-term commitment program, but you need a strategy, support, and a plan to execute with precision & clarity. I invite you to an opportunity that will shift your business, position your business and you as an authority as a leader, and create a strategy to move you from five figures to multiple six figures in 6 months.

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